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Business Types Monthly Revenue Credit Score Time In Business Description Enrollment
Medical & Dental $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More One of many challenges doctors and dentists face includes insurance reimbursement. This can mean a shortage of cash flow that can be used to invest in continual education for your staff or upgrading to latest medical equipment. When your medical or dental practice is facing a shortage of cash, Syndicate Lenders can help. Our financing solutions will quickly give you the capital you need without a lengthy application. Enroll
Health Care $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More We'll craft a funding deal that allows healthcare businesses to invest in cutting edge equipment, hire dedicated professionals, complete a successful marketing campaign, to increase patient care and revenue simultaneously. Enroll
Furniture $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More When it comes to moving more product out of your furniture store, paying employees or even expanding your footprint, there are increasingly limited options for entrepreneurs to get cash. Syndicate Lenders changes all that as a way to get alternative financing. With these small business loans you could get up to $500,000 approved within 24 hours and could have the money deposited in your account within 72 hours. Enroll
Franchises $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More Many franchises have corporate offices that make certain demands about making expensive operational upgrades. The upgrades can exceed your current budget. Our funding programs will provide you the capital to complete the technological upgrades, renovations and equipment purchases necessary to maintain a successful franchise. Enroll
Restaurants $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More Few people can finance a restaurant out of pocket, but new restaurants are opening all the time, so where does that money come from? This is where we can be of assistance. Find Out how much we can offer you and use your personal money to reinvest into your business to increase your revenue. Enroll
Bars & Clubs $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More Inventory costs don’t even begin to cover buying or leasing a location, licensing fees, or the standard costs of building a business. In the bar & club industry overbearing stocking costs will kill your business if you’re not prepared. Get the money you need to stay ahead of the curve. Let us get you funded. Enroll
Transportation $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More We at Syndicate Lenders believe in improving business relationships in the transportation industry by providing fast capital at crucial times. We understand that most of the funding provided is allocated for payroll, fuel costs, vehicle purchases, and storage. Let us continue to provide you with the capital necessary to drive your business forward and beyond. There are no limits to your ambition and we appreciate that. Get a much needed advantage on the competition so that your customers can travel in style and comfort. Enroll
Cyber Security $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More The business axiom “you have to spend money to make money” should remind us that we also need to spend money to save money. This is a particularly enlightened principle in the world of cyber security. New innovations beget new vulnerabilities and attacks, which add increasing costs to enterprise operations and recovery from cyber incidents. Syndicate Lenders can help your business get a leg up on your financial needs. We provide the financial support needed to complete expensive projects and handle large scale operations. Enroll
Construction $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More Due to a very strong level of interest we have received from commercial construction companies nationwide, Syndicate Lenders is proud to offer working capital to construction businesses that need the money to strengthen bonds and relationships with other companies such as; heating, cooling,electric, & many more. Everyone needs to get paid right? Why not you too? Let us give you the financial ability to go beyond your highest expectations. Enroll
Plumbing $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More We are the #1 rated company that helps small businesses like plumbers, painters, and tree cutting services. Our clients range from some of the top plumbers like Benjamin Franklin plumbing to smaller plumbing companies like Greensboro plumbing. If you find yourself needing help with your finances and planning for your future, we are the experts to help you. Enroll
AC, Heating, & Electric $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry generally also includes refrigeration is an industry that fluctuates and trends with the construction industry. Fluctuations also occur with an electrician’s industry. Syndicate Lenders realizes that these industries work hand and hand. We pride ourselves in the ability to help a company reach their ultimate potential by providing them with business capital that can be used for these type of instances. When ever collaboration is necessary we solve the issue with loan syndication. Enroll
Hotel & Lodging $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More In a competitive industry that relies on tourists and corporate accounts. It is imperative that a hotel maintains its quality. We'll fund your renovations, marketing campaigns opportunities to expand food or beverage services, obtaining new furniture, anything that allows the hotel to grow revenue! Enroll
Landscaping $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More Without money your landscaping company will fall into debt. You need it to pay your own bills which mat include costs for the plant nursery, paying your workers, maintaining vehicles and expensive equipment. As opposed to bank financing which often requires substantial assets, Syndicate Lenders will get you the cash you need without collateral. Enroll
Wholesale & Retail $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More Having the capital to utilize a great opportunity from a vendor; buying inventory in bulk; adding a newer more expensive product which are all fleeting opportunities; are what our clients prefer our programs. Enroll
Accountants $15,000+ 550+ 1 Year or More Having access to our capital programs help CPA's take on larger corporate accounts, expanding into a larger office to scale and completing a marketing campaign. Enroll